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Who's Hungry?

Who am I kidding, no one is going to take time out of their day to read this page. All you need to know is I have degrees in science from a small university, and degrees in culinary arts and business operations from the school of hard knocks. I worked in, operated, and managed restaurants and food service departments for close to a decade before my own I came to grips with my own mortality, and switched careers. This is the passion project born of my love of food, cooking techniques and the people they bring together. This the way I cook, the recipes I developed,  the things I eat, and the people with whom I eat. The opinions, as harsh or controversial as they may be, are mine too. If they hurt your feelings, then this blog may not be for you. I am not a professional... Anymore, I am washed and retired from the industry. Take all of this with a grain of salt (pun intended). After all, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.




Who's Hungry?

It's me... I'm hungry!

Bio coming soon.

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