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These “recipes” are written in a very unorthodox way. This blog is not about my singular perspective on food and the things that I cook, but rather sharing it with you. I want you to cook these things, eat them, share them, and experience them. Simply put, I want to make them accessible. It would have been counterproductive to provide a detailed instruction manual for everything I cooked, in hopes every morsel will be recreated. Instead, I wanted to provide an easy to follow loose outline that can be used as a reference and tailored to your situation, skill level, time constraint, or available materials. For that reason, there's no exact amount of ingredients (except when absolutely necessary like fermentation, curing, or  baking, and even then it’ll be ratios), or any time instructions. I also don't title them with subjective modifiers like “the best,” “my famous,” or “week night.” Those are up to you and the spin you want to put on whatever you’re making. I hope you find these “recipes” useful. 


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