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Steakhouse Burgers

Thick Rich Bois


Beef: Coarsely Ground 80/20 - Either grind it yourself, or talk to your butcher, they’ll hook you up.

Integument: A Sturdy Bun - It needs to hold up to a larger patty and all the toppings. Brioche, pretzel, or kaiser are all great. Probably want to toast it this time around.

Cheese: any soft, semi soft, or semi firm- the possibilities are endless don’t be afraid to use sharp or big flavors. They’ll balance the decadence of the beef well.

Toppings- this is where the creativity begins. Just keep in mind, the burgers are thick, rich bois, so they can stand up to a lot. Shredded iceberg, raw onion, tomato, and pickle are my go to.

Condiments- Again, whatever your heart desires, just keep in mind maintaining the structural integrity. Aioli and spicy mustard are usually really good. If you use a mild cheese, don't be afraid to bring some acid like with A1 sauce or mustard.


1. Portion ground beef into 5 ⅓ oz-8oz patties and roughly shape them into patties. It’s good practice to put a thumbprint in the middle so they don’t become meatballs when they cook.

2. Preheat a cast iron skillet or griddle over high heat. Spritz with oil. Once oil begins to smoke, add a patty to the pan and press a little bit to ensure it adheres well to the pan. Season the top liberally with salt (or seasoning salt if you’re feeling extra)

3. Once the edges start to caramelize, flip it. Give it another slight smash, and season liberally.

4. Once the burger starts to caramelize on the bottom, throw it in a 350F oven and bake until desired internal temp. Don’t forget to melt the cheese on top.

5.While the burger is finished, toast and start dressing the bun with your condiments and toppings of choice. Then assemble your burger.

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