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Spathcocked Roasted Chicke

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A sheet pan dinner, but for adults.


1 whole chicken- get as big or as small of a bird as you want

Butter- making up for the fat the chicken lacks

Herbs and spices- dealer’s choice on this one. If you have a poultry or all purpose blend, that’ll be perfect, if not do a little freestyling.

Hearty vegetables to roast under the chicken- good choices are carrots, potatoes, sweet potato, butternut squash, turnips, and parsnips.


1. Remove innards from chicken and cut out the back bone by cutting where the ribs meet the spine.

2. Place the chicken breast side up on a greased sheet pan and press on the breast plate until it breaks and the chicken lays flat.

3. Season with salt and herbs and spices and leave in the fridge overnight.

4. Roast in a 425F oven, basting periodically with melted butter, until the thickest part of the breast reaches an internal temp of 165F.

5. When the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 100F add vegetables (cut into bite sized chunks) to sheet pan, season, and mix around in some melted butter and rendered chicken fat.

6. Once chicken reaches internal temp of 165F, remove from oven, let rest for 10 minutes, portion and serve.

Substitutions and Additions:

1. Chicken- any whole bird can be spatchcocked and roasted. Good subs are turkey, quail, and pheasant.

2. Butter- if you can get your hands on smaltz, duck fat, or bacon fat, you’ll be in business. I suppose a quality olive oil will work if you’re worried about the saturated fats.

3. Welcome flavor additions - A squeeze of lemon will help brighten everything up. Rubbing the skin down with a split garlic clove right when it comes out of the oven will also bring good flavor to the party.

4. Hearty Vegetables- Any vegetable you would normally roast could work here. Just add the vegetables when the chicken has about the same amount of time left as it takes the vegetable to roast. A general rule of thumb is that chicken takes 15-20 minutes per pound to roast. So if you’re going to use a veggie that takes 20 minutes to roast, and you have a 3 lb chicken, add the vegetables to the sheet pan after the chicken has been in the oven for between 30-40min.

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