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Smash Burgers

This burger technique is smashing because it turns the cheapest ground beef into a crispy lacy edged beauty.


Beef: Finely Ground 80/20 - if all you have is the stuff that comes in a log that’ll work. The shrink wrapped stuff is better, but the best is fresh ground. It needs to be finely ground because in order to get those perfect lacy edges, it needs to be able to get smashed thin.

Integument: Soft White Bun - Think fast food bun. Don’t have to break the band here. The generic hamburger buns will be just fine. It doesn’t have a lot to carry and needs to be a blank canvas for the burgers.

Cheese: American or Sliced Processed Cheese Product- The cheese does a couple things. First, it acts kind of like a sauce and adds flavor. Secondly, it does a good job at hiding the imperfections of a smash burger. Sometimes they crack or there’s thin spots. The cheese acts like a sort of culinary self leveler. If you absolutely need another flavor profile combine one slice of processed cheese product and another semi soft or semi hard cheese.

Toppings- this is where the creativity begins. Just keep in mind, the burgers are thin, so don’t overshadow them. My personal favorite is bread and butter pickles and thin sliced raw onion

Condiments- Again, whatever your heart desires without overshadowing the burger. I usually go with ketchup and mustard, and if the bun is untoasted, a thin slather of mayo.


1. Portion ground beef into 2oz-5⅓oz and roll them into balls.

2. Preheat a cast iron skillet or griddle over high heat. Spritz with oil. Once oil begins to smoke, add a meatball to the pan and smash it as flat as possible with a metal spatula or grill press. Season the top with salt (or seasoning salt if you’re feeling extra)

3. Once the edges start to caramelize and the top starts to go gray, loosen the burger from the pan using one swift motion with the spatula. The flip. Give a slight smash and add cheese.

4. While the burger is finishing, start dressing the bun with your condiments and toppings of choice. Then assemble your burger. Don’t don't feel limited to just one patty, embrace the double, triple, quadruple patty and so on.

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