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Ranch Dressing

I do my little Ranchy Ranch


1 Part Mayo- Duke’s is the best. Stay away from miracle whip, we’ll add msg later, so stay a way from the Japanese stuff. And God forbid, do not use miracle whip

1 part fermented dairy product - buttermilk and sour cream are classical. If you’re trying to be healthy, yogurt is good. If your hipster AF, use kefir, it makes the best ranch

Like 1 ounce of parsley, dill, and chives- minced fine

Optional: 1 sprig if mint- for a cooling effect, really good with spicy food

Black pepper- to taste

1 clove garlic finely minced- I love garlic, but its raw, and you really don't need more than this

1 sprinkle msg- for that classic ranch lip smackin’ goodness


1. Finely mince herbs and garlic

2. Mix everything together

3. Adjust consistency with a little milk or water if desired

4. Enjoy

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