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Popcorn is really neat, and not just a movie theater treat


These are the ratios I like, but may not be the ones you like, so feel free to play around.

Popcorn Kernels (1/2/cup)- the sweeter the better, like go with the big box store varieties over the heirloom or organic. There’s a lot of salt and fat coming later, so it’ll be better balanced if the kernels are sweeter.

Flavacol (1/2tsp) - I don’t believe in secret ingredients, but this is the fairy dust that makes popcorn at home taste like magic they have at the movie theater

Clarified Butter (2Tbsp+more to top)- Topping the popcorn with clarified butter brings all the buttery goodness without making it soggy because clarified butter lacks the water content of regular butter. If popping the corn in clarified butter feels like too much butter, use a high smoke point oil, but still top the finished product with clarified butter.

Popcorn Salt (Enough to top)- the small crystals are key here. They get into all the crevices of the popped kernels.


1. In a bigger saucier than you think you'll need, melt 2tbsp clarified butter over medium high heat. Add 2 popcorn kernels, cover, and wait for them to pop.

2. Once the kernels pop, remove them, add the 1/2tsp of Flavacol and 1/2cup popcorn kernels.

3. Cover until the first pop is heard, then start shaking. Continue shaking until the popping slows down to under 1 pop per second

4. Dump the popcorn into a mixing bowl and top with popcorn salt and clarified butter while tossing.

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