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Philly Cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak fundamentalists would have an absolute conniption if I called this authentic. Well it's not authentic, it's better. Plus this Philly is way easier and cheaper to make.


Deli Sliced Roast Beef- Save the ribeye (unless you have leftovers) you're going to cook it well anyway. The deli sliced roast beef mimics the flavor and tenderness of ribeye really well. Plus, it’s wayyyy too much work to thinly slice the ribeye with a knife. Just make sure the roast beef tastes good, and there's no deli meat funk.

Cheese Wiz- wiz is short for wizard, which makes sense because this stuff is magical. Part of the authentic cheesesteak experience is cheese wiz and grease dribbling down your arm onto the sidewalk

Spanish Onion- for sweetness, crunch, and freshness to offset all the meat, cheese, and carbs.

The Best Sub Roll You Can Find- spend the extra dollar on here (you saved some by not breaking the bank on ribeye). The success of any sandwich depends on the bread’s ability to deliver it to your mouth. So pick a roll that tastes good and has the structural integrity to deliver this sloppy mess of deliciousness to your mouth.


1. Julienne onion and sliced roast beef

2. Lube up a cast iron or carbon steel skillet. Add onions, season, and sauté.

3. Once the onions start to take color, add the sliced and julienned roast beef and sauté until the beef starts to crisp up around the edges.

4. Warm up some cheese wiz and slather it on one side of a split sub roll.

5. Load sub roll up with meat and onions, and enjoy.

Substitutions and Additions:

1. Deli Sliced Roast Beef- if you have any leftover steak or roast beef, go ahead and slice it or chip chop it and use it instead. However, if you ever use a perfectly good uncooked ribeye steak for this, the food gods will smite you., you also can substitute almost any sliced deli meat. Bologna is a really really good option, especially when fried crispy (I call it a hillbilly philly). Lastly, use sliced or diced chicken breast for a chicken philly.

2. Cheese wiz- any cheese sauce would work great, whether it's béchamel based or not. A reasonable substitute could also be as simple as melting american cheese in milk or evaporated milk. If you want to jazz it up a bit, add any sliced cheese of your choice.

3. Onions- peppers and mushrooms are welcome additions, so are garlic and shallots

4. The Best Sub Roll You Can Find- don’t even. I REPEAT, DON’T EVEN TRY to skimp here


1. Chicken Philly- sub sliced or diced chicken breasts or deli sliced chicken for the beef. Add peppers and mushrooms if desired.

2. Peezo- Don’t ask about the name, just sub provolone for cheese wiz, add egg, and add a-1 sauce.

3. Arizona Cheesesteak- add green chiles, and sub pepperjack cheese for cheese wiz

4. Hillbilly Philly- sub julienned fried bologna for roast beef. Add some chow chow for a fresh acidic kick.

5. Chop Cheese- Sub ground beef for the roast beef, sub american cheese for cheese wiz, and top with lettuce and tomato.

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