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If you call if baked pasta, you're just simply wrong


Pasta, cooked really al dente (2lbs) - for it to be true mostaccioli it has to be a mostaccioli noodle, but any tube shaped pasta, or really any pasta can work.

Marinara sauce - if you make your own, that's good. I’m partial to GFS’s marinara line. However, you can make any store bought sauce work too. You’ll need a lot, because the pasta absorbs a lot as it bakes

Low Moisture Mozzarella- don’t be afraid to splurge for the good stuff here

Parmigiano Reggiano- the undisputed king of Italian Cheeses

Ricotta- the more fat, the better

Italian seasoning- any jarred mix works here

1 or 2 eggs- to help bind the ricotta


1. Cook pasta until the center is just barely hydrated. It needs to be really al dente.

2. In a well greased deep pan (4in or more), add half your pasta, and dress it in sauce. Use a little more sauce than your gut tells you to because the noodles absorb a lot.

3. Mix ricotta, some parm (save some for garnish), Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. Once it tastes good, add egg.

4. Spread ricotta mix evenly on top of the first layer of pasta.

5. Mix remaining pasta with sauce (again, more than you think you’ll need) and top the ricotta layer with it.

6. Cover the top with aluminum foil and bake at 350F until the pasta is cooked and it reaches an internal temp of 160F

7. Pull out of the oven, uncover, and top with a generous amount of low moisture mozzarella. Broil until golden brown and delicious.

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