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Chicken Marsala

For heaven's sake, do not use the "cooking wine" in the vinegar aisle, get an actual marsala wine.


Chicken Breast Cutlets- chicken breast sliced longitudinally. Don't worry about pounding them flat, as long as they are of uniform thickness.

Pancetta- completely optional, but I think it adds a nice depth of flavor.

Onion- julienned

Mushrooms- sliced or julienned

Garlic- you should know this by now, but measure with your soul.

Marsala Wine- actual marsala wine, not the stuff in the vinegar aisle. Enough to cover the bottom of the pan after alcohol is evaporated off.

Italian Herbs- as always, dried is perfectly fine, but fresh is better.

Black Pepper- to taste

Flour- to dredge the chicken cutlets.

Chicken Stock- 1 part chicken stock to 1 part Marsala. If you use store bought or bouillon, add a packet of unflavored gelatin.

Butter- 1 stick, cold. If that seems like a lot, you cut it down, but it won't be as good. Count into tablespoon pats.


1. Season chicken cutlets and let sit in the fridge overnight.

2. In a large cold skillet or sauté pan, render the pancetta until crispy. If you ever feel like the pan is getting too hot, add a splash of water and let it evaporate. Once crispy, remove pancetta and set aside. Reserve the rendered fat.

3. Dredge chicken cutlets in flour and sear in the pancetta fat (supplement with a little high smoke point oil if needed). Error on the side of more flour because it’ll act as the thickening agent later.

4. Remove chicken and set aside. Add mushrooms and onions. Season to help pull out all the moisture.

5. Once the onions and mushrooms begin to take color, add herbs, spices, and garlic.

6. Once the aromatics have given up all their moisture and a fond has developed on the bottom of the pan, deglaze with Marsala.

7. Once the alcohol is evaporated off, add the stock. Add the chicken back (and all of its accumulated juices). Bring everything to a simmer and reduce by ⅓.

8. Once the chicken reaches an internal temp of 165F, start mounting the sauce with butter until it coats the back of a spoon. Once the sauce is the correct thickness, add the pancetta back.

9. Serve over polenta or pasta. If your really looking to get crazy, serve over cacio e pepe, alfredo, or pasta limone.

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