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Braised Short Ribs

I'd call this bœuf bourguignon or beef bourguignon if I wanted to charge you $20 a plate for it.


Beef Short Ribs- bone in and cut parallel to the bone for some wicked presentation

Carrot, celery, and onion- just like any classic French inspired dish, a mirepoix will serve as the aromatic base. I’d say 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, and ½ onion per lb of meat.

Garlic- everything savory gets garlic, just like everything sweet gets vanilla

Tomato Paste- a heaping tbsp adds body and depth to the sauce

Herbs de Provence- fresh is best, but I use dried a lot of the time, because I always have it

Black Pepper- to taste

Deglazing liquid- I use sweet vermouth because I usually have it on hand, but red wine is really good too, so is beef stock. You can use water, beer, or chicken stock if that's all you have

Braising liquid- use stock here. Chicken or beef are perfect.


1. Sear seasoned short rib on all sides in a lubricated pan

2. Remove short rib and add aromatics and more oil if needed. Sauté until veggies are softened.

3. Add garlic and tomato paste and sauté until tomato paste turners a brick red and begins to caramelize

4. Deglaze with sweet vermouth or red wine, scraping the bottom to get all of those bits of deliciousness dissolved.

5. Add the short ribs back to the pot and cover with stock.

6. Braise until you can twist the bone out or the meat is fork tender.

Substitutions and Additions:

1. Short ribs- you can use almost any beef cut that you’d typically braise. Any chuck roast, brisket, rump, or round would be perfect.

2. Mirepoix, herbs, and spices- feel free to play with these. Only have carrot and onion? Thats fine. Only have onion? Perfect. Donat have any herbs or only dried herbs? Awesome. Just make sure you like the flavor combinations. Feel free to add things too. Any heart vegetable would be great, like hunks of potato or mushrooms.

3. Black Pepper- any dried spicy spice such as cayenne, dried chili flake, or something more exotic. Just add to taste, you want a good amount to carry the salt and herbs, but don’t want to nuke your taste buds.


1. Pressure cooker- use this as a time saver. Instead of simmering on the stock or in the oven just put everything in a pressure cooker after deglazing, cover with braising liquid, and pressure cook on high pressure for 25min.

2. Classic American Pot Roast- use a chuck roast instead of short ribs. Add potatoes before braising. And deglaze with stock instead of wine.

3. Galbijjim- that's right. Korean braised short ribs. Use daikon radish, carrot, and green onion (white part too) as aromatics, along with equal parts ginger and garlic. Replace tomato paste with a little bit of tahini or sesame oil. omit the herbs. Deglaze with stock and add rice wine (or rice wine vinegar), brown sugar, and soy sauce to the braising stock.

4. Barbacoa - Use a beef roast that takes well to braising. Replace the mirepoix with onion and peppers. Keep the garlic and tomato paste. Replace the herbs de provence and pepper with oregano, chilis (dried varieties like new mexico or guajillo or canned chipotles), and cumin. Deglaze with beer instead of wine, and braise in stock.

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