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Berry Crumble

I'll say it. This recipe is "berry" good.


Frozen Berry Blend- The frozen is important because they’ll lose water faster that fresh while retaining some structure.

Cherry Pie Filling- the cheapest you can find because the cheaper varieties usually have more pectin syrup than cherries, and the extra syrup helps the other berries form a pie filling. Use your brain to determine which size to use. If you think “this might not be enough.” It probably won't be. That being said, this recipe is really forgiving.

Vanilla Cake Mix- can sub the sugar, flour, and chemical leavener from any other cake recipe. Cake mix usually has other goodies in it like milk powder or glucose to make it taste more rich.

Brown Sugar- enough to change the cake mix’s color just a little bit

Rolled Oats- 1 part of oats for every part cake mix by volume. But if you don’t like your crumble super oaty, adjust to taste.

Butter- melted.


1. Grease any shallow baking dish (e.g. 9x13in, half pan, etc.). Add the frozen berries, cherry pie filling, and just a pinch of salt. Mix and bake at 250F until a lot of the water evaporates out and it looks like a thick pie filling.

2. While the filling is baking, mix brown sugar, oats, a pinch of salt, and cake mix until combined. Add melted butter and mix. Repeat until enough butter is added so the mix holds together like wet sand.

3. Once the filling looks like a thick pie filling (you should be able to jiggle the pan and there should be little to no wobble), remove from the oven. Crank the oven to 375F.

4. While the oven is climbing in temperature, grab handfuls of the topping, pack it together in your hand and break it apart so it sprinkles all over the top of the filling. Cover generously. The berry filling should only be peeking through in a couple places.

5. Bake until the topping just starts to take color.

6. Serve a la mode.

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