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Beef Stroganoff

Use your leftover roast or braised beef to make this and give your stomach a warm hug.


Beef- cut into strips, shredded, or ground. It’s beef stroganoff. The name doesn’t specify as long as it’s bite sized pieces. Precooked, because this is a leftovers dish.

Onion- cut it so the size matches the size of the beef bites

Mushrooms- Same concept as the onions

Garlic- don’t let anyone tell you how much garlic is too much

A1- 1tbsp brings sweetness, acid, and is mainly made of tomato paste. 3 birds 1 stone

Thyme- pairs well with mushrooms

Black Pepper- to taste

Flour- enough to make a roux

Beef Stock-need enough to scrape all the browned bits off the pan and to just barely cover everything.

Frozen egg noodles - sure you can use dried or homemade, but it won't be as good

Sour Cream- 1 hefty dollop

Butter- 1 stick. If that seems like a lot, you cut it down, but it won't be as good. Count into tablespoon pats


1. Sauté mushrooms, seasoning well to pull out all the moisture.

2. Once the mushrooms are beginning to take color, add the onions

3. Once the onions begin to take color, add the garlic, thyme, and black pepper

4. Add the beef and flour to begin the roux

5. Once fragrant, add the A1, and cook until caramelized

6. Deglaze with stock, bring to a simmer and add the frozen noodles.

7. Once noodles are cooked, kill the heat, and begin mounting the sauce with butter.

8. Once all the butter is mounted into the sauce, stir in the sour cream.

9. Garnish and serve


Beef- its beef stroganoff for a reason. No substitutions here.

Onion- you could make any allium work

Mushrooms- you can omit if desired, but no real substitute.

A1- tomato paste. Some of the sweetness and acid will be lost, so if just tomato paste is used, deglaze with red wine or sweet vermouth

Thyme- whatever herb tickles your fancy

Touch of flour- can sub a cornstarch slurry or if there's any leftover gravy, use that instead of flour and stock.

Beef stock- for deglazing- if you didn’t use A1, use red wine or sweet vermouth. If you don't have beef stock, any stock will do. But if you have leftover gravy, don’t be afraid to sneak that in.

Sour Cream- any lacto-fermented dairy product will do. Kefir, greek yogurt, and buttermilk are all good choices, just be weary of the fat to water ratio.

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