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Barbecue Chicken

Just because its barbecue does not mean it has to be low and slow. The secret to juicy chicken with perfect skin is to cook barbecue chicken hot and fast. The smoke still has plenty of time to work its magic and add its flavor.


Chicken- halves or quarters work best.

Rub- 1 part store bought poultry herb rub (lemon zest, herbs de provence, garlic powder, onions powder), 1 part paprika, 1 part brown sugar, ¼ part msg, 2 parts salt. I usually get good pork, season simply, and let the meat and smoke speak for itself. If you want to get crazy with herbs and spices, be my guest, or even use a premade rub.

Barbecue Sauce- use a favorite off the mega-mart shelf, or make your own. A molasses base works best, but a mustard or vinegar base is also a really good change of pace.


1. Season and rub the chicken. Let it dry brine uncovered on a sheet pan. Place in the refrigerator at least overnight.

2. Preheat the smoker to 375F. Add wood chunks or chips according to your flavor preference. I find fruitwoods, nut woods, hickory, and oak pairs really well with chicken, but It also depends on the sauce that I’m using. Make sure the smoker is humid enough and emitting that sacred blue smoke. I always err on the side of caution and put a pan of water, beer, or other braising type liquid in the smoker close to the heat source.

3. Pat the chicken dry. Then, cook the chicken at 375F until it reaches an internal temp of 145F, then baste with barbecue sauce.

4. Remove from smoker when breasts reach an internal temperature of 165F and thighs reach an internal temperature of 175F.

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